Lens Compare - Field of View

This is by far the most important factor to consider when choosing a camera
for a particular location and function!!!

We have two important links for you to explore

Here is the first one...........


Here is the second one......


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Security DVR Storage Calculator

Use this tool to see how much space you will need on the hard drive of your DVR to store different variations of capturing video.

This will help you choose what size hard drive you need, and how best to set up your motion detection on each camera.


NVR Storage Calculator for Network IP Security Cameras


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Compare IR and low light technology

Use this tool to see how different no light and low light camera implementations compare. The use of no IR illuminator, a built-in IR, or an external IR illuminator will have a significant impact on image quality.


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Compare Our Hidden Covert Cameras

Use this tool to compare various covert cameras. See how black and white, color , high res, day/night, and super stealth covert cameras compare to one another in a dark stock room.


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Video Frame Rate Comparison Tool

See for yourself how various frame rates compare.



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Voltage Drop Calculator Tool

  Use this calculator to view the voltage drop of either 24 volt or 12 volt power along a distance of cable

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