What is HD-TVI?

HD-TVI means High Definition Transport Video Interface, It is a DSP-TVI technology developed by Techpoint(2012), and the Chipset was sold to Intersil , Chinese manufacture, such as Hikvision, HanBang, put this technology into their new product.

Hanbang successfully developed the TVI solution, solved HD-SDI’s previous problems. TVI can convert the digital signals to analog ones, it extends the transmission distance, reduces the total cost, and takes less storage capacity. HD-TVI is also based on coaxial cable and supports HD video signal (1080P/720P), audio signal, and digital signal transmissions. 

The feature of HD-TVI:

  • 1080P/720P( 25/30 fps) video signal
  • Long transmission distance at 300-500 m
  • No Video loss
  • Real-time preview without delay
  • Transmit video signal, audio signal and dual-way data communication, 3 signal transmission over one coaxial cable.
  • Follow same connection structure with original analogue system without cable (Coax / UTP) changed, which means users can just change their old analog cameras and DVRs to TVI cameras and DVRs to get a brand new1080p surveillance system, don’t need any other special knowledge and extra cost.


So in conclusion, the advantage of HD-TVI compared with HD-SDI is

  • Longer transmission distance(without boost) 
  • Affordable Price
  • Better Anti-interference and Reliability


So compared with IPC, the advantage of HD-TVI is

  • No compression, so no video quality loss.
  • Real-time video display, without any transmission signal delay.
  • Low requirement for network bandwidth.



TVI comes from a US-based company that does not supply to only one manufacture, the chipset is open, not sealed, you can DIY your HD-TVI system with different brand. while HD-CVI, no matter camera or DVR, should be bought from original company or authorized company.

Customers like to match their DVR&Camera with different brand, because wide choice may mean more cost saving.

And the TVI price is close to 960H, people will like this kind of product.

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